Top four streaming platforms in 2022

There are tons of streaming platforms now available due to the advent of the internet. Choosing among the hundreds could be overwhelming. To help with this, here is a list of the top 4 streaming platforms in 2022 that offer a wide range of shows and helpful features to keep you entertained for the years to come.

If you are undecided when it comes to streaming platforms because of a budget, we’ve got you covered. With carnivalshop, buy subscriptions to different streaming services easily for a fraction of their original price. They offer plans that have fixed durations at an affordable price. This way you are not tied to contracts these platforms offer. 

Without further ado here is a list of the top 4 streaming platforms you need to try:

Disney Plus

Disney plus is a great streaming service to start with. For Audio/Video (AV) enthusiasts, its low price point already offers you high-quality streaming and content. Watch on a 4K screen and experience the best movie-watching experience of your life at home. 

There are tons of blockbuster movies, classics and Disney movies you can enjoy with this service. It has a great selection for all ages. Family favourites such as Star Wars, Marvel movies and Disney originals are available once you avail.

There will be plenty more classic movies and TV shows to enjoy with ultra-high-definition visuals and immersive surround sound as Disney releases upgraded versions of its content portfolio.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is another great choice that offers great features. Expect quality when watching their shows due to the technology they use. Additionally, there is a family sharing capability that lets you share accounts with a certain number of members. 

There are tons of standard and classic shows available on Apple TV+. As for their originals, you may need to avail of their free trial and check it out yourself. 

They offer their services at a low price but it is not for everyone. If you are an Android user, this is not the streaming service for you. The platform was designed for people with the whole Apple product ecosystem. Their services are only available on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TVs. If you are an avid Apple fan, then this platform is for you. 


HBO Max is a combination of cable, shows and original content. This streaming service is the replacement for HBO’s Go app. Retaining most of the features and functionality the old app used to have, its catalogue is now wider and more interesting. 

Having one of the best libraries, HBO is one of the few services that are quite expensive. If you are not sure about availing just yet, you can try their free trial to discover if you like what they have or not. This is to make sure that HBO is a great fit before signing up.


Netflix is currently the top streaming service provider in the world. Despite declining subscriber growth due to their decisions as a company, they still provide excellent shows, movies, and series that many enjoy.

Besides the several options of shows to watch, you can also enjoy Netflix Originals. These range from dramas, films, comedies, and so much more. Many of them are the current hits of the platform. Being able to release several movies in a year is what makes them great.

Lastly, Netflix’s interface is well designed. It promotes endless browsing that encourages users to scroll through. With tons of categories and genres available, you will never run out of shows to watch. If you want to save some money when subscribing to Netflix, carnivalshop offers plans that can help with that. Enjoy the streaming platform for a fraction of its price.

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