Refund & Replacement policies

RETURN & Replacement polices 

Last updated January 7, 2021

Thank you for your purchase. We hope you are happy with your purchase. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may need full refund or replacement..

How Return or replacement Process work at Carnival Shop?

After placecing order  Vendors have maxium 24 hours to complete order.. But if he/she failded to do that then Carnival Shop will refund all money of that buyers within 5 to 6 Bussiness Working Days. 

Now here are some condtions & rules  for Refund or Replacement:-

How Carnival Shop Escrow work?

After Order of Phyicial product like any premium account's or any other thing. Your money first go to Our bank, after seller completed your order. We still hold your money 6 days. But After 7 to 8 days your money will given to sellers..

Note:- Above Criteria works on digital ( instant downloads ) products too..

How Refund Process work?

Their are two type of refund process..

Refund from Carnival Shop.

We Can only give refund  from our side if your money is still with us. After 6 days we give your money to seller.. Hence, Please contact us ( Our Staff ) for refund  only if 6 days are not completed after placing your order..

Refund from Seller.

 After we give's payment to seller, Carnival Shop is not resposnbile for refund of Coustomer. However, We can looks after Coustomer Problem for which he/she need refund.. 

If Seller Able to prove that he/she is geniune then Coustomer can't get refund or if seller faild then Carnival Shop Staff can only force seller to give refund.. ( We Can Only ask him and can't do anything accpect that. ) Also Some sellers even don't  accpect refund so in that case we can't do Anything..

Note:- It's Better to check Description of product before buying or you can also contact seller directly if you have any type of dought. 

How replacement Process work?

Replacement can only done of Phycial categroy product..No replacement will be done in digital products case. However, Refund can applied in Digitals Products categoies.

Note:- Replacement can done if product stop working ( Account's Stop working). We are not responsible for replacement gurantee after 6 days of Order placeing.. 

Hence, It's Better to check Description of product before buying or you can also contact seller directly if you have any type of dought. 

Conditions of No Refund or Replacement.

  • You Buyed other product and now you need diiferent product
  • Not following our rules
  • Giving Fake Proof for getting refund or replacement
  • Seller sent completed your order but now Buyer saying he/she don't need it
  • Refund Is not possible in cracked Account

    Note:- All Refund that were made by us will be issued with 4 to 5 days for Indian Users and for non - Indians it can take upto 7 to 8 bussiness days..

If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at: 

[email protected] or @CarnivalShops ( Telegram )